“My vision for the ‘GMac Foundation is to support medical research to get help find a cure for children, teenager and adult illnesses“

Graeme McDowell – Professional Golfer

The GMac Foundation had initially been set up by my wife, Kristin and I to support children’s medical research in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and in the United States.

Working in conjunction with the leaders in children’s medical research and the main national children’s hospital in Dublin which services children from all over the island of Ireland, the Foundation raises funds for much needed research in the area of children’s medicine.

However, as the Foundation evolves Kristin and I continually support a number of other children medical charities in both Ireland and the USA.

Another important charity focus for the Foundation is Multiple Sclerosis, with my Mum being a sufferer it will always be a priority to help support research into this condition and to find a cure.

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